vincent la monte
Contact now in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia +966 56 367 9063
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"My understanding of what makes a strong leader along with my experiences bring a depth of knowledge in food and beverage that I believe could be an asset to your company."
I have the energy, enthusiasm, and skills that are needed for such a commitment!
My philosophy is simple…

Great food and service defines true success and are the essence of what I believe. To achieve this, one must reach beyond the commonly held perception that opportunity simply meeting preparation equals success, it is not...true success is defined by excellence.

To achieve true success defined as excellence, what is needed is a clear conception of what is wanted, a strong quiet confidence to attain that goal, focused concentration and hard work, unyielding determination and a stubborn consistency in the pursuit of it, finally, the power of inspired passion and a shared commitment are the glue that will hold a common vision together. 

A leader with a team armed with this philosophy is an unconquered army.