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-All Food & Beverage Activities & Facilities                              -New Ops Roll-Out (Concept Timeline &
-New Concept Development                                                          Launch)
-Creative Food Presentation                                                         -Efficient Time Management
-Innovative Menu Engineering                                                     -Food Preparation & Production Schedules
(Abstracts, Menu Pricing, Cost to Sales %)                              -Budget Administration Process
-Food Cost Management                                                               -Monitor & Manage Financial Performance
-Recipe Development                                                                     (P&L,Forecast/Actual, Daily Flash/Capture 
-Web-Based Procurement, Inventory &                                     & Rev Reports,Application Averages) 
Receiving Management (Control Product                               -Quality Assurance & Control (Tracking 
Quantity & Quality Purchased)                                                    GSS & ESS Surveys, Internal Shops, 
-Maintain Vendor Relationships                                                  Managed Consistency, Customer Service 
-Advanced Technical Culinary Skills                                            & Guest Relations)
(Molecular Gastronomy, Food Composition,                          -Progressive Department Development
Track Relevant Modern & Current Food                                  -Accountable Dept. Documentation &  
Trending, Food Value Nutrition, Dietary                                   Operational Reporting                         Special Needs)                                                                                  -Strategic Deadlines
-Support Nutrient Health & Wellness                                       -Progressive F & B Benchmarks
-Support Sustainable Farming                                                    -Revenue Adjustments(GLCode Accounting
-Support Environmental Responsibility                                    Invoice Processing, Dept. Transfer C-7)
-Support Senior Leadership                                                         -Cost Controls (Checkbook Spend Down,
-Support Sales Team Support (Engaged                                   Bottom-Line Rev, Waste Logs, Maintain 
Client Interaction, Market Metrics,                                            Equipment Depreciation & Care) 
Competitor Shops, Development &                                          -Catering BEO Program (Event Manage-
Enhanced Personalized Client Options)                                   ment, Delphi + 2015, N2GO, HotSOS,
-Maintain Food & Physical Safety (Enforced                           Connex, eProposal & MeetingMatrix
HACCP Sanitation, Health Dept., FDA,                                     -Established Banquet Function Procedures 
USDA, MSDA, Local, State & Federal                                        -PMS (Maestro, GuestPoint and RMS)
Regulatory Compliant Systems,                                                -Perform On-Going Audits
Documentation & Procedures)                                                  -Effective Communication (Dept. COMM
-Schedule & Monitor Labor Log,                                                 Scheduled Dept. Meetings, Shift 
-Track Time & Attendance Audits (ADP,                                  Stand-Ups , Coaching & Counseling)
Timesaver, Kronos etc.)                                                               -Associate Progressive Discipline Process
-Labor Productivity (Man Power Reports                              -Diplomatic Conflict Resolution
& Performance Reports)                                                             -Develop, Implement & Maintain Standard   --Hands-On & Staff Accessible                                                      Operational Procedures
-Documented Training/Mentoring & Team                           -Results Driven
 Development                                                                                 -Corporate Profit Goal Aligned
-Directing & Coordinating High Volume
-Strategic Vision & Planning into Day to Day
About Vincent_LaMonte's Core Competencies 
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I'm Committed to providing the guest the best food and service possible and supporting the operations of other departments when needed!