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"A job well done... Top-rated among Chefs"
"First, Vincent knows that he is part of the service industry and knows that this is the most important part of his job. He likes to lead by example and he brings a high level of energy to his position while understanding how his attitude and mood affects all of the people working with him. He is well organized and holds a very positive attitude. He is good at communication and holds himself accountable for all of his actions. He is a strong leader and is able to motivate his staff and keep them focused and moving forward."
-Renard International 
Hospitality Recruitment
"Put my expertise to work for you!"
Vincent_LaMonte, is proud to have received the following recognition for his contributions to the industry as a premier Executive Chef.
Joseph Aceto
Director at Omni Houston Galleria
I have had the pleasure of knowing Vincent LaMonte both personally and professionally for some time now. In my professional experiences with Vincent, he has been very skillful, creative, and insightful to the operations of business management and fine dining. Vincent is excellent in managing individuals and groups. His dining and operation acumen has proven to be invaluable to all whom have worked with Vincent. His vast experience brings great detail and insight to every project he works on. In addition, his direction and leadership is invaluable to his team as opportunities and problems arise. 

In my position I was fortunate to watch Vincent in action. He has an excellent way with people and building relationships. His dedication, leadership, and relationship building skills are excellent and go above and beyond professional duties. Vincent’s creativity and direction in the kitchen matched with his personality was integral in building strong relationships with our clientele. The recognition was noticed as referrals based upon his fine dining atmosphere and experience, attracted the upper echelons of the market we were attempting to reach. 

I can highly recommend Vincent for any position he desires. His personality, strong leadership, loyalty, and ability to think on his feet, is invaluable to the opportunities for success he will bring to any company. There is also much to be gleaned from Vincent for anyone who is fortunate to work with him.  

January 25, 2013, 
Joseph works directly with Vincent at Capital Health
"Vincent is a well balanced Executive Chef, strong in all areas of the hotel Business to include Food Cost controls, Kitchen Food Safety Regulations, Employees relations and more importantly total Food Quality. In Vincent's first year at the Renaissance Hotel & Conference Center, all areas in the kitchen operation were improved in that time frame including scoring a 97% on our Marriott Food Safety Inspection."

October 8, 2012, 
Joseph managed Vincent at Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel and Waterfront Conference Center
Joseph Horwitz
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News and Reviews for Vincent LaMonte
"Vincent Lamonte is a chef a Manager and a leader in his field. I was fortunate to have him work with me and I can say he is a great chef with a lot of great menu ideas and great recipe for all occasions.Chef Vincent is a professional who understands team work and can lead with great sucess and create a great team to work with him.  If I had a chance to work with him again it really would be again a great honor."
Eric Cousin CEC
Corporate Executive Chef at Amlak Hospitality Qatar
October 10, 2014, 
Eric managed Vincent at Sheraton (Interstate Hotels and Resorts) Washington DC and (AMLAK Hospitality) Doha, Qatar
"Vincent has been very intrusmental to the succes of the culinary operations as a Sous Chef at The Ritz Carlton St Thomas. 
He is a very talented individual with unlimited creativity. Vincent is a team player that will do whatever it takes to get the job done and ensure the highest guests satisfaction."

October 10, 2012, 
Alain managed Vincent at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC
Alain Piraux
F&B Director at Capital Hotel Little Rock